Seeking to recreate the sound of the famed Marshall Plexi Super Lead 1959 100 watt head.  We profiled this head through five different speaker setups.


*Profiles 1 through 6 were captured with a G12M 20 watt greenback.

*Profiles 7 through 10 were captured with a G12M 25 watt greenback.

*Profiles 11 through 14 were captured with a G12H 30 watt greenback.

*Profiles 15 through 17 were captured with a G12M 20 watt greenback mixed with a JBL D120F.

*Profiles 18 through 22 were captured with a G12-65 Creamback.

*Profile 5 uses Augus Young's approximate live settings.

*Profile 10 uses Pete Thorn’s “Amps in the Zone” ‘72 Plexi settings.

*Profile 17 recreates the early VH brown sound.


MM PLEX 01    G12M 20watt

MM PLEX 02    G12M 20watt

MM PLEX 03    G12M 20watt

MM PLEX 04    G12M 20watt

MM PLEX 05    G12M 20watt Angus Young Approximate Live Settings

MM PLEX 06    G12M 20watt

MM PLEX 07    G12M 25watt

MM PLEX 08    G12M 25watt

MM PLEX 09    G12M 25watt

MM PLEX 10    G12M 25watt Pete Thorn "Amps in the Zone" Settings

MM PLEX 11    G12H 30watt 

MM PLEX 12    G12H 30watt 

MM PLEX 13    G12H 30watt 

MM PLEX 14    G12H 30watt 

MM PLEX 15    G12M 20 / JBL D120F Mix     

MM PLEX 16    G12M 20 / JBL D120F Mix      Clean Boost in front of amp

MM PLEX 17    G12M 20 / JBL D120F Mix      Early VH sound / Clean boost in front of amp

MM PLEX 18    G12-65

MM PLEX 19    G12-65

MM PLEX 20    G12-65

MM PLEX 21    G12-65

MM PLEX 22    G12-65


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