Seeking to recreate the sound of a Marshall JCM800.  These profiles were captured through four cabinets: 1960A with G12T-75 speakers, 1960A with G12M Blackbacks, 1960A with EVM12L speakers, and a Marshall Mode Four cabinet with G12K-100 speakers.


*Profiles 1 through 8 were captured with G12T-75 speakers.

*Profiles 9 through 16 were captured with G12M Blackback speakers.

*Profiles 17 through 25 were captured with EVM12L speakers.

*Profiles 26 through 33 were captured with G12K-100 speakers.


*Profile 8 approximates Tom Morello's Live Settings

*Profile 25 approximates Zakk Wylde's Live Settings

*Profile 33 approximates Kerry King's Live Settings


Disclaimer: Milo’s Music Paradise is not affiliated with Marshall, Celestion, Tom Morello, Zakk Wylde, or Kerry King.  Their names are used for comparison purposes only.  All trademarks belong to their respective owners.


MM J800 01    G12T-75         

MM J800 02    G12T-75         

MM J800 03    G12T-75         

MM J800 04    G12T-75         

MM J800 05    G12T-75         

MM J800 06    G12T-75          Tom Morello's Live Settings

MM J800 07    G12T-75          Boosted with MXR ZW44

MM J800 08    G12T-75         

MM J800 09    G12M Blackback        

MM J800 10    G12M Blackback        

MM J800 11    G12M Blackback        

MM J800 12    G12M Blackback        

MM J800 13    G12M Blackback        

MM J800 14    G12M Blackback        

MM J800 15    G12M Blackback        

MM J800 16    G12M Blackback         Boosted with MXR ZW44

MM J800 17    EVM12L          

MM J800 18    EVM12L          

MM J800 19    EVM12L          

MM J800 20    EVM12L          

MM J800 21    EVM12L          

MM J800 22    EVM12L          

MM J800 23    EVM12L          

MM J800 24    EVM12L          

MM J800 25    EVM12L           Zakk Wylde's Live Settings.  Boosted with MXR ZW44

MM J800 26    G12K-100       

MM J800 27    G12K-100       

MM J800 28    G12K-100       

MM J800 29    G12K-100       

MM J800 30    G12K-100       

MM J800 31    G12K-100       

MM J800 32    G12K-100        Boosted with MXR ZW44

MM J800 33    G12K-100        Kerry King Live Settings. Boosted with MXR KFK EQ.

Mars J800